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Chinese-Invested Global Trade Center set to boost Kenya’s status as regional hub

NAIROBI, May 18 (Xinhua) — Chinese-invested Global Trade Center in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, which is set to open in September, will boost Kenya’s status as a regional commercial hub, an official said Wednesday. Shamim Malowa, the marketing supervisor of AVIC International Real Estate Kenya, told journalists in Nairobi that finishing touches are currently underway on

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Visit

On November 6, Zhou Pingjian, the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Paul Ndungu Kamweru, Director of the Department of Asian and Australian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, etc. visited AVIC International Nairobi Global Trade Center (GTC) AVIC International Kenya representative Ma Chengyuan and GTC project general manager Gong Yuxian accompanied the

The Power Of A Landmark

Former African union head Ambassador Erustus j.o Mwencha African union leader visited GTC this morning with him was being accompanied Chinese embassy staff and GTC CEO Mr Gong Yu Xian and staff. The former head of African union appreciated the project due to its magnitude and the contribution the project has made towards the growth