It’s an inevitable subject matter of how the world’s population is fast-paced. According to a United Nations report, the world’s population is still increasing in huge annual increments (about 80 million per year), and the supply of vital non-renewable resources is being exhausted. Today, however, it is clear how quickly and to what extent a city may grow in a short period, regardless of whether or not it is prepared. It has become necessary to plan for population growth and increased ground covering in rapidly expanding cities.

In recent years, the tendency of “urban dispersal” has shifted back to the “densification” of urban areas through redevelopment initiatives. This highlights the rising of skyscrapers in general and their function in urban development. The initiatives frequently include tall buildings of various types, whether commercial, residential, or mixed-use, as part of the process.

In Kenya, we have seen a surge in skyscraper buildings such as the Nairobi Global Trade Center (GTC) – a HOSPCA design concept, which has immensely transformed the landscape of the country and redefined the skyline of Nairobi. Following the pandemic, it has become essential to design human-friendly working spaces for the mental and physical well-being of employees.

One of the accredited designers Mr. Chen from Nairobi Global Trade Center had enlightening things to say. “Nairobi Global Trade Center the iconic building that’s visible from various parts of Nairobi is designed using the HOPSCA Concept. This concept that integrates all functions in one common development originated in Asia and has gained popularity all over the world. H (Hotel) O(Offices) P(Park) S (Shopping Centers) C (Conventions) A(Apartments). The architecture and construction are in adherence with ISO standard 15686, which considers materials, energy consumption, and construction systems, among other things.”

The tour gives you the visuals and zeal of what it feels like to work, live, play and dine conveniently. It has one of the 5-star luxurious US chains hotels – JW Marriot tower, Office Tower, a retail boutique mall, and 4 blocks of the residential apartment. 2 blocks will constitute serviced apartments that will be managed by Pan Pacific. It’s the ideal definition of a city within a city. It presents a luxurious lifestyle, a home away from home, especially for international travelers, and an International address to Fortune 500 companies.

“Imagine waking up as an executive of a Fortune Global 500 corporation, with a view of Nairobi and its greenery. At a higher height, you hold all the possibilities of the world and what to make of your day. As people are stuck in traffic, you have time to do your morning routine without any rush. Be it yoga, gym, taking breakfast, reading a newspaper, or listening to music. A morning without a rush sets the pace for how the day unfolds. You leave home and within 5 minutes you are in your office. Within those 5 minutes of trans-versing to the office tower, you meet with your neighbor, senior management of a Fortune Global 500 company, and you cannot help but chat and exchange ideas. You have important clients to close a deal with and the best fine dining restaurants are a walk away. Not one restaurant not two but several inclusive of the luxurious hotel, JW Marriot. That’s how you pitch your best ideas and hold all the cards to your favor.”  Said Ms. Rose Ndirangu – Lease Administrator in GTC Complex.

The whole development is mind-blowing. If Nairobi residents can complain about anything in the city it’s traffic and parking. This development has ticked all the boxes and created solutions to both parking and traffic. Four towers of apartments are built on top of 6 layers of parking lots. The parking can accommodate over 1000 cars. The 2 bridges connecting the right-wing that has an office tower and a luxurious 5-star JW Marriot Hotel connecting to the left-wing that has the retail boutique mall and the opulent residential towers making it easy to access without necessarily having to use an automobile. The whole development represents functionality and self-sufficiency.

The minds behind the development and the whole design concept is exhilarating. The Technology used – tube structural system, for the quality of construction materials and the security system to uphold safety is ahead of its time.

In conclusion, Skyscrapers have transformed the landscape of cities and improved the social-economic status of cities and people. When a HOPSCA is in the heart of a business hub like the Global Trade Center in Nairobi, it is a clear indication of the country’s economic upwards trajectory. Skyscrapers have evolved to be environmentally conscious and most of them are embracing going green and using sustainable materials in construction hence providing solutions for urban planning, efficient use of land, and population growth.