On November 6, Zhou Pingjian, the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Paul Ndungu Kamweru, Director of the Department of Asian and Australian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, etc. visited AVIC International Nairobi Global Trade Center (GTC)

AVIC International Kenya representative Ma Chengyuan and GTC project general manager Gong Yuxian accompanied the ambassador to the top of the GTC office building to understand the surrounding environment and location characteristics.

After listening to the general plan of the project and the introduction of the project under construction, Mr. Paul Ndungu Kamweru expressed his appreciation for the GTC project. He pointed out that the GTC project is a very important benchmark project in Kenya, which will bring more possibilities to Kenya’s socio-economic development and contribute to Kenya’s early realization of the 2030 vision.

GTC (Global Trade Center), invested and developed by AVIC International, is an urban complex project integrating luxury five-star international hotels, AAA super high-rise office buildings, high-end business apartments, and international boutique supporting commerce. After completion, it will become the highest in East Africa. Standard landmark buildings.

The GTC project not only lays a solid foundation for enhancing the brand image of Chinese and Chinese companies in East Africa and bringing follow-up development opportunities, but also interprets China’s strength in the context of the “Belt and Road” initiative. As the first Chinese company to create a business model of “investment + operation” in East Africa, the GTC project is a new attempt by a Chinese company to explore the African market.
The development and operation of the GTC project will increase more than 4,000 local jobs in Kenya, create business opportunities for the Kenyan economy, and improve the overall business level of Kenya.