Former African union head Ambassador Erustus j.o Mwencha African union leader visited GTC this morning with him was being accompanied Chinese embassy staff and GTC CEO Mr Gong Yu Xian and staff.

The former head of African union appreciated the project due to its magnitude and the contribution the project has made towards the growth of the economy and creating investor confidence.

Trade Centre (GTC), one of the flagship projects of Kenya’s Vision 2030 programme, is an ultra-premium city complex consisting of four major elements: JW Marriott Hotel, 184-metre GTC Tower, GTC Executive Residence and GTC Mall.

GTC is designed to re-define the lifestyle of the international elites and to offer instant satisfaction to their demands, be it the latest trends, fashion, passion or dream.

All the human aspirations for a modern metropolis are realized here through the glamorous lifestyle it provides: The high-end office space, the comfortable leisure amenities, the luxurious hospitality services and the elegant residences.