The Global Trade Centre (GTC), East Africa’s first landmark city complex, will redefine Nairobi’s skyline with its unparalleled building heights, presenting “a dream city and community” to the country.

The 47-storey mixed use building by Chinese state-owned aerospace and defence company, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC International), is expected to cost up Ksh 40 billion in construction and other related costs once complete.

The GTC Towers will be complete by 2020 and will host the headquarters of the Chinese company and other multinational firms. It will also comprise a hotel, commercial and residential units as well as offices. AVIC has investments spanning sectors such as real estate, aviation and consumer goods.

Speaking during a media tour of the facility along Chiromo Lane, Nairobi, AVIC International Managing Director and CEO Wong Yong disclosed that the project has contributed more than Ksh 800 million in taxes to the government.

“We met all the regulatory requirements necessary for a project of this magnitude and we are proud that we are playing our role in the development of this country’s economy,” said Yong.

The building is the tallest in Nairobi and is a major boost to Chinese investment in Kenya’s real estate sector.

Speaking at the end of the media tour, Engineer Patrick Muiriu said the GTC, which is one of the flagship projects of Kenya’s Vision 2030 programme, has is being built to the highest standards and will be the most comprehensive trade centre in central Nairobi.

Starting from the planning phase, GTC has been a close collaboration of various global renowned architectural design teams. Thanks to the contribution from a strong line-up of big name international firms and individuals that are known as visionaries in the industry of urban and architecture design, GTC manages to bring together the leading concepts in contemporary complex planning as well as the specific needs in the development of Nairobi city. As a result, GTC becomes a collaborated exploration of the form of future city, and a city skyline that grows along with people’s dreams.

Powered by bold innovations, GTC successfully sets building height records with towers of its all four elements: the 184-m office tower, highest in East Africa with the highest grade and most comprehensive software/hardware facilities; the 103 to 116-m serviced apartment community, highest in East Africa with the largest capacity; the 143-m Luxury 5-star Hotel, latest in East Africa.
After the completion, GTC will become a brand new icon for the entire country, duly uplifting Kenya’s international profile while leading the region’s efforts towards future prosperity.

The concept of “a city within a city” lies at the very center of city complex’s value. A city complex functions like a miniature of a full size city within the city’s boundaries. Being a fully-developed ecosystem of its own, GTC satisfies the all-round needs in business, shopping, leisure and residence with its four elements, all in one stop.